Up & coming events

Bake Sale

Baked with Love. We are Baking up some delicious cookies and brownies for the community.  Excepting donations to help our first community event, First Annual "Reason for the Season" CHRISTmas Bazaar in December to help local Families for the Holidays.   



We are selling BBQ tickets for donation of $15.00 or more  pick up and deliver available for 11/1 and 11/2. Any meals paid for but not picked up or if you would rather just donate a meal, it will be given to the local families and homeless  in need. 

First Annual "Reason for the Season" CHRISTmas Bazaar

This will be the first event to reach local underprivileged children in the community to help show them that "its better to give than to receive" and the true  meaning of Christmas. This event shows them by allowing them to purchase gifts for family members, doing crafts, making cookies and learning the true meaning of Christmas all 100% free to them and their families.